Web Wednesday: Pride in Their City

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Starting today, and hopefully every Wednesday to follow, I will be posting something cool or interesting that I found on the web. I’ll be calling this weekly post Web Wednesday. I know. I’m super creative.

Today’s find is one that isn’t really new but I only recently stumbled upon it. Check it out. Make sure you have time to watch the whole thing because it’s nearly ten minutes long.

Apparently these people put the video together in response to an article, NOT written by Newsweek, that stated it was the 10th U.S. city “most in decline”. I believe these people beg to differ.

I personally really love this video. I love that they were able to find so many people willing to be a part of it. It’s refreshing to see this many people have as much pride in their city as they do.

After watching it though, I have to wonder, what do you have to do to make a web video stand out? What do you have to do to be that one fluorescent pink video in a sea of gray? I believe you have to come up with something no one has seen before. If you can’t, you have to work really, really hard to top what’s already out there. There are so many mediocre videos and very few amazing ones.

With regards to viral videos, what kind of person are you?

Love them?

Hate them?

What are viral videos?


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