What’s Next for Matt and Trey?

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this past week’s episode of South Park and were planning on watching it, stop reading this post immediately. Like, right now. Go get some nachos and an ice-cold root beer. Watch a really old episode of Duck Tales.

This past week’s South Park episode…. Holy cabbages. When Sharon and Randy were arguing I kept saying to myself, please don’t let them get divorced, please don’t let them get divorced. And then it happened. Some people think the episode was Matt and Trey’s way of saying that they are getting tired of doing the show. They aren’t connecting with today’s kids and even their core audience is getting tired of seeing the same thing every week.

So, if South Park might be drawing to a close in the near future, what is in store for Matt and Trey? My husband and I have some ideas.

Podcast: They would already have an audience for it. It could be a weekly thing, be as topical as South Park was, and they probably wouldn’t have to try very hard to get guests for it.

The Book of Mormon movie: They could put their smash Broadway musical  onto the silver screen.

Fake News Show: Like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report 

What do you think Matt and Trey should do after South Park is done?


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