Thalia’s First Day of “School”

Yesterday was Thalia’s first day of “school” with her Aunty Tiffany. “School” is actually just Tiffany’s condo but she set it up like a preschool. Tiffany is a preschool teacher and has the summer off. She asked us if we wanted to send Thalia over for a few hours a day during the week.

Here are some pictures.

I love that she’s going to “school” but now the house feels way too quiet. Think I’m gonna have to do some karaoke singing when she’s at school to make up for that.

If you have kids, did you or are you planning on sending them to preschool?

3 thoughts on “Thalia’s First Day of “School”

  1. Arbine,

    First, I just want to say I LOVE your blog! Makes me want to actually post in mine but my lifes not that interesting. And second, Thalia’s ‘school’ is awesome! And third (to answer the question you posted), I think I will send KC to a preschool. I need to start researching, though. Where I live, there are a plethora of schools (private and public) but I guess I have to see what I can afford and what the curriculum is for each school. I don’t know. But I definitely think pre-school can be helpful in not just developing early educational skills but social skills too. 🙂


    • Sarah – my life is not really interesting either. But if you write about things you love or are at least interested in, your passion for them will shine through. Try it. It’s totally addicting. I’m still trying to find my voice with this whole blogging thing. Hopefully it will be a much wittier voice. 🙂

  2. Oh Thalia looks like a good student already 🙂

    It’s hard for me to even thinking of sending my baby to school at all! Well, unless Aunty Arbine were the teacher, then it would be cool.

    In this day and age is good doing more good than harm? Can you imagine the potential of other kids or even teachers being mean to your beautiful, pure child? Why can’t I, as a mother, just go to school with my baby girl and try to protect her from all dangers for the rest of her life?

    Love, Jen

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