We All Scream For…

So we were at Costco the other day and I bought this.

It was a total impulse buy. But at least I had a coupon. It cost $30.

Since I had never made ice cream before I decided to just make a basic vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookie pieces mixed in. I guess it was actually more like cookies and cream. The ice cream recipe, which came with the maker, was very, very easy to follow and it only required four ingredients: milk, sugar, heavy cream, and pure vanilla extract. Since I had to let the bowl of the ice cream maker completely freeze, which takes nearly 24 hours, I decided to just pre-make the ice cream mixture and leave it in the fridge.

If you decide that you might want to purchase this ice cream maker just note that it is REALLY loud when it is churning the ice cream. It only takes about half an hour to make the ice cream so you don’t have to endure the noise for too long. And unless you like a super duper soft ice cream, even softer than the consistency of soft serve, I would suggest putting the ice cream in the freezer for a few hours (or even up to 24 hours) to firm up before devouring it.

Here’s some ice cream from the batch we made.

The ice cream turned out to be equally, if not more so, delicious as ones we’ve bought from the store. Now the hard part is going to be trying to decide what flavors to make next. Perhaps cinnamon toast with candied bacon pieces or ube with toasted coconut.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Any suggestions for flavors I should try to make? 


3 thoughts on “We All Scream For…

  1. yummy! my two favorite ice cream flavors are from this place called ‘Ye Old Fashioned Ice Cream’ here in Charleston. Cherry Vanilla ice cream (which I’m guessing is just vanilla ice cream with some cherries thrown in) and strawberry shortcake ice cream. (which is vanilla and strawberry ice cream, and poundcake pieces) but honestly, i like anything cold and creamy (though I should probably not eat it so much because dairy makes me sick.)

    ooh and how about a peanut butter/jelly ice cream? or a chocolate and bacon? i hear bacon in ice cream is really popular nowadays.

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