Freakin’ Awesome Friday: Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks.


And not like the ones at the Apple Store.Way, way cooler than those guys.

If you’ve never heard of Mel Brooks, you’ve been missing out. You should seriously get to know his work. Have a cheap date night and rent some of his stuff on Netflix. Recommended snacks for a Mel Brooks movie night: nacho fries, BLT sliders (veggies!) , ice cream floats, Better-Than-Crack Brownies and furikake popcorn. You don’t have to eat ALL of this when you’re watching his movies. But I wouldn’t look at you weird if you did. So, if you’re a Mel Brooks virgin, I suggest you start with one of these.

Young Frankenstein – Comedy at its best.

Spaceballs – Hilarious.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights – Laugh out loud funny.

The Producers – Amazing,  both on and off stage.

Yeah, he’s freakin’ awesome.

What is your favorite Mel Brooks movie?


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