My Husband is an Amazing Dad

When my husband and I first started dating I distinctly remember him saying that he didn’t like kids. At the time I didn’t really think that this mattered much because we had JUST started dating, like a couple of weeks prior. I had always wanted a big family since I grew up with three siblings but I thought, okay, if this guy actually turns out to be the one, hopefully one day he’ll change his tune about kids.

Flash forward to present day. We have two girls, a sassy 2-year-old who will eat just about anything and a 10-month-old who isn’t walking yet but still manages to get into all sorts of mischief. I think when you actually have your own kids, something inside you changes. Even if you’ve said before that you don’t like kids, somehow you will like, no, you will love, your own children. It’s like once they’re born, a switch in your heart labeled “parent” turns on. Your life has completely changed, and hopefully, for the better.

I consider myself lucky because not only is Marcus a great husband, he is an amazing dad. Here are some things that will attest to that fact.

  1. He is not afraid to change diapers, even if they contain #2.
  2. A crying baby usually doesn’t faze him. Unless, of course, they are crying at 2am. Then even I get cranky.
  3. He has no shame in carrying the diaper bag everywhere we go. And the one we have is pink with a big Hello Kitty on the front.
  4. He can make our girls smile just by coming home from work.
  5. He puts our 2-year-old to bed just about every night and reads to her before doing so. Which just ups his sexiness points by 10.

I could probably list about a hundred other things that make him an awesome dad but I won’t. Just know that he is and I am so grateful for that.

Marcus, I less than three you.


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