Flashback Songs and a Treat

So this past Thursday my regular zumba instructor was on vacation. But her sub was my favorite instructor so that was cool. I love, love,  love this instructor. She is on my list of people who I secretly want to be BFFs with. She is super fun, does a more contemporary style of zumba, and normally uses songs that are currently on the airwaves. Except for this past class.

This past Thursday we danced to this…

and this…

You know how she was running in the movie to this song?

We did the exact same thing.

Oh and we also danced to this.

Yeah. We did the Roger Rabbit, running man, and cabbage patch for that one.

To reward myself after that monster of a workout, I ate this.

That’s living a balanced life, right?

Glad we can agree on that.

How do you reward yourself for doing something good?

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