Kids TV Shows That Aren’t Annoying

Do you like to watch television? I do. A lot. And so do my kids. I don’t let them watch it hours on end though. They have ample playing and reading time. But sometimes I need to wash the dishes or catch up on some Google reader subscriptions. That’s when I turn the TV on.

Okay, before you get all judgmental and stuff, with the way our kitchen and living room are situated, I can actually watch them while I’m washing the dishes. And we have a laptop. I don’t just let them watch anything on TV. The stuff I let them watch is, for the most part, somewhat educational and appropriate for their age.

Here are some shows that are A-OK with me.

Sesame Street – You can’t go wrong with this show.

Yo Gabba Gabba – They have awesome guest stars and musical guests.

Ni Hao Kai- lan – I’ve actually heard Thalia use some Chinese words.

Olivia – This pig has quite the imagination.

Little Einsteins – Incorporates art and classical music in each episode.

Jake and The Neverland Pirates – Thalia kinda loves pirates right now.

Do you let your children watch TV?

If so, what do they like to watch?

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