Freakin’ Awesome Friday: My Favorite Aunt

Do you have a favorite Aunt or Uncle? I do. Mine is my Aunty Julie. She’s my mom’s youngest sister and yeah, I think she’s freakin’ awesome.

I think I inherited my sarcasm from her. She can speak German, French, and Spanish. She loves traveling and exploring new cities. She is super passionate about gypsy music and even started a radio station that focuses on that kind of music. She meets up with her friends, who share that same passion for gypsy music, every year in the south of France. She is also the only one in my family I can actually talk to about varying religious views, conspiracies, and mythologies without getting weird looks.

What I really admire about her is that she has the courage to truly follow her passion. Yeah, she has a regular job, but she makes time to do what truly makes her happy. In my opinion, that just makes her awesomer. What? Didn’t you know that awesomer is a word? It totally is.

What kind of awesome things does your favorite Aunt or Uncle do?


2 thoughts on “Freakin’ Awesome Friday: My Favorite Aunt

  1. so where shall i send the 1.50 euro? and yes its in euro .. not that funny money $$ y’all have in dem dern ameriker states ……

    • Hey, I’ll take anything I can get. But instead of sending it here, you can just meet me in Paris and use the 1.50 euro to buy me something from a bakery. 🙂

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