My Little Monkey

This is my daughter Amara Jain.

She is 10 months old.

Everyone says she looks like me.

She likes to climb on EVERYTHING.

My husband wanted her to have a name that had “Mar” in it since his name (along with his mom, uncles, and brother’s names) starts with those letters. Her name is also inspired by the character Mara Jade from Star Wars books. Mara Jade is the wife of Luke Skywalker.

What was the inspiration for your kids’ names?


8 thoughts on “My Little Monkey

  1. How cute is that! I love Luke Skywalker.

    So my daughter’s 1st name is Emma Rose. Okay, I LOVE FRIENDS and that’s the 1st time I started thinking about “Emma”. My sister’s name is Sharon Rose, so there’s the “Rose”…but really, I saw the name Emma Rose in white on a billboard in a Spiderman movie commercial and that’s how the two names got put together. I haven’t even seen the second Spiderman but I loved the name anyways.

    • Pivot, pivot, pivot, pivot, PIVOT, PIVOT!
      And scotch tape.
      No you let go. I’m a tiny little woman.

      I’m glad you didn’t name her Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. 🙂

  2. First, I have to say, AMARA JAIN IS BEAUTIFUL. I mean, like, super stinkin’ cute. She should be on a Gerber ad. Second, I knew her name sounded oddly familiar! Wow, totally awesome!

    KC’s full name is Katia-Claire Sarang. I’ve always loved the name Katia for no other reason than I just think it’s different and sassy and I imagined any daughter that I would have to have tremendous amounts of sass. (and for any confusion in pronunciation it’s KAH TEE UH.)

    Claire (which is still part of her first name) means clarity and was always one of Billy’s favorite names. He wanted a little girl he could call his ‘Claire bear.’ Sarang (her middle name) is the English phonetic for the word ‘Love’ in Korean. And you know, my mom’s Korean, and calls her Sarang.

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