Web Wednesday: GeekMom

Are you a geek? The connotation of geek has changed from what it was about fifteen years ago. Back then people often used the term geek to mean someone who was really smart, an outcast and/or socially awkward.  These days being called a geek can still mean that but it can also mean you’re an enthusiast of any particular thing. There are Star Wars geeks, reality television geeks, craft geeks, sports geeks and a whole multitude of other geek groups. I am a food, Gilmore Girls and mythology geek.

I’m also a mom.

The other day I came across a website where nearly all the moms are also geeks. GeekMom is, to put it succinctly, super shiny. Almost everything on that site seemed like it was written just for me. Most of the articles are written in a conversational tone, which I really like.  There are articles about geeky stuff that I love like Firefly and Harry Potter but there are also science experiments, recipes, and crafts that you can do with your kids. How cool is that?

Even if you’re not a mom or a geek, you should totally check out GeekMom.

You can also follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

Who knows? You just might discover that you are, in fact, a geek.


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