Web Wednesday: Brave Teaser Trailer

A few weeks ago Pixar released a teaser trailer for the movie Brave. Here it is if you haven’t already seen it.

Are you intrigued?

I absolutely cannot wait for this movie. Not only because I’m a Pixar fan, but because it’s the first time that Pixar is featuring a lead female character. Crazy, right?  Not that there was anything wrong with the lead characters in previous Pixar movies, but it’ll be a nice change. Plus she looks like a strong character. Not really a damsel in distress type. And I’m such a sucker for lore from that part of the world.

Are you gonna watch it?              


4 thoughts on “Web Wednesday: Brave Teaser Trailer

    • You’re totally welcome! I’m uber excited too. Really wish we didn’t have to wait till next year. At least Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 comes out this week.

  1. ooh i need to check this out as well. I was able to catch the Part 2 of HPDH and it was pretty good.

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