Free to Cheap Fun Stuff to Do With Your Kids: The Park

When you have kids your disposable becomes nearly non-existent. Even more so if you are living on only one income. With all the extra food, diapers, wipes and various other things that your children need, you don’t often have the money to spend on extra stuff, on fun stuff.

But there are some things, fun things, you can do with them that require little or no money. One of those things is going to the park. You don’t have to pay to go to the park. Well, maybe just a little for the gas to get there unless you walk or bike there.  But otherwise, it’s FREE! And we all like free stuff, right?

IMG_6833 A rocking bug.
IMG_6835 There was a rock climbing wall…
IMG_6836 And a triple slide!
IMG_6838 Seats on the play equipment for tired parents.
IMG_6839 My two-year-old loves this bus.
IMG_6848 Fun for the adults older kids.
IMG_6850 Two-year-old actually matched the colors pretty well.
IMG_6854 I LOVE the swings!
IMG_6859 It was a good day.

What are your or your kids’ favorite things to do at the park? 

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