Birthday Things

Yesterday I celebrated my 30th birthday. That’s right. I’m 30. Not 29 for the second time. I’m totally okay with turning 30. My twenties were one hell of a roller coaster ride. With two young kids, I’m sure the roller coaster feeling won’t end anytime soon. I know that raising kids can make you crazy and you end up sacrificing so much for them, but it’s all worth it. They are my world and I love them.

And now, for those who are interested, this is how we celebrated my birthday.

IMG_7053 I went kind of crazy at the library. I checked out 40 books!
IMG_7016 We went to Genki Sushi.
IMG_7020 I had no idea they served cupcakes there.
IMG_7028 Some somen salad.
IMG_7035 One of my favorites, spicy tuna.
IMG_7036 Fried ika. Sooo good.
IMG_7040 Total impulse grab. Inari sushi topped with spicy tuna. A new favorite.
IMG_7076 We had a picnic on the living room floor and ate this.
IMG_7101 The girls played with Legos.
IMG_7108 We ate some homemade Oreo and M&M ice cream.
IMG_7122 My sisters bought me this.
IMG_7130 And Thalia made me these.

Yesterday was practically perfect in every way.

What did you do for your 30th birthday?

For those younger than 30, how would you want to spend your 30th birthday?


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