Thalia’s Summer School Highlights

Last week Friday was Thalia’s last day of summer school. She had a blast going to school these past few weeks. When I told her on Monday that there was no school anymore she didn’t believe me. She screamed for about five minutes wanting to see Aunty Tiffy. I pray that I will be able to find a job next year so that we can apply for preschool tuition assistance. Even if I find a full-time job, we won’t be able to send Thalia and Amara to school if we don’t get any tuition assistance. *sigh*

Anyway, here are some highlights from summer school.
DSC02452 Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. She sings this song 5 times a day.
DSC02283 Dirt!
DSC02258 Making cookies.
DSC02511 Looking at some library books.
DSC02505 Working on a monkey puzzle.
DSC02492 Her favorite thing at the park – a school bus.
DSC02539 Building with blocks is super fun.
DSC02353 At the Waikiki Aquarium gift shop. Too cool for school.
DSC02523 Shaved ice!
IMG_7015A Thalia and Aunty Tiffy.

*All pictures except this last one were taken by Tiffany Kugiya.

What did you do this summer?


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