Ab Fab Friday: Sparkly

So Freakin’ Awesome Friday has now become Ab Fab Friday. I will be featuring stuff like clothes, shoes, accessories, crafts, food, homes and anything or anyone else I deem absolutely fabulous.


(Going counter-clockwise starting at the top left)

  1. Aidan Mattox ‘Cold Shoulder’ Sequin Dress $295.00 image via shop.nordstrom.com
  2. Tarina Tarantino ‘Sparklicity Pure’  $19.00 image via sephora.com
  3. Jimmy Choo ‘Ailsa The Perfect Round Toe Shoe’ $665.00  image via jimmychoo.com
  4. Hello Kitty ‘Glittercute Collection Made With Swarovski Elements’ $495.00 image via sephora.com
  5. Tarina Tarantino ‘Lucite Skull Bead Bracelet’ $70.00 image via tarinatarantino.com
Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life, right? 

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