What is Love…

 Image from princessbrideforever.com

Oh baby, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more.*

Love. There are lots of different types of love. Today we’re gonna talk about romantic love. There are about as many definitions of love as there are people who choose to define it. How do you know that it’s love between you and your significant other (SO)? Here are some possible signs that it’s love.

  1. Just a smile from your SO can completely make your day.
  2. All the songs make sense. (I’m a fan of Castle.)
  3. Your SO is willing to kill a ROUS for you.
  4. You let your SO see you completely unkempt. No makeup, grubby clothes, unwashed hair, unshaven face or legs, etc.
  5. Seeing your SO happy makes you ecstatic.
  6. You aren’t afraid to ummm… break wind in front of one another.
  7. Your SO is the only one who can make you feel butterflies (or moths if you prefer) in your stomach.
  8. Just the presence of your SO gives you comfort.
  9. Your SO lets you have the last piece of bacon or their fried chicken skin.
  10. You can’t imagine spending your life with anyone else.

How do you know it’s love?

*Anyone else bob their head to the side a la A Night at the Roxbury whenever they hear that song? 


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