A Year Ago

IMG_7398 A year ago I was in the hospital.
IMG_7401 A year ago I had an epidural. It was wonderful. *
IMG_7397 A year ago we were blessed with our second baby girl.
IMG_7404 Happy 1st Birthday Amara Jain.

*To all the mothers-to-be, this is the one and only time I will condone using drugs. When you’re in labor and the doctors ask if you want to take drugs to help ease the pain, take it. It will be one of the best decisions you make. EVER. 


2 thoughts on “A Year Ago

  1. Drugs?! Word! 🙂 A wise woman named Teresa said, sure you could do it without it…but why?! 9cm and I was kindly asking my nurse to bring the good stuff over.

    Happy Birthday Amara! Can’t wait to see you soon! Love, Aunty Jen

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