Tuesday Tidbits

1. My youngest still DOES NOT sleep through the night. Which results in her parents looking like zombies during the day.

2. Speaking of zombies, check out this photo shoot. I thought it was pretty shiny.

3. Sandwich King premiered on The Food Network this past Sunday. I really want to make the Chicago Italian beef sandwich and giardiniera he made.

4. I volunteered here on Saturday and got to take these home.

5. My husband was sick last week. My two girls are sick now. I will probably end up being sick either later this week or next week.

6. Marshmallows were on sale this week. I’m trying to figure out what kind of sweets to make with them. I mean, besides another variation of Rice Krispie treats. Suggestions?

7. Watch Ok Go’s video for The Muppet Show Theme Song. It’s awesome.

8. Anyone want to take a trip with me to Europe for a couple of weeks? I would like to stop in Paris for a few days but would be up for other places that are a train ride away. Oh and this trip will most likely only happen if I somehow come into a lot of money (like winning the Meadow Gold’s Below Zero Hero contest) or someone wanted to sponsor my trip. Email me if you’d like to do the latter.

Have a fantastic week!


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