Sandwiches, Cakes and a Pink Bicycle

tifamade1 Image via Tifamade

After reading about her on You Are My Fave, I am totally inspired by Tiffany Iung of Tifamade. She makes sandwiches using organic ingredients and seasonal vegetables. If that weren’t enough, she also makes cakes that are baked to order. She then packages them beautifully in eco-friendly wrapping or containers, puts all the goodies in a cute suitcase and delivers them to you on her bicycle. Her adorable pink bicycle.

tifamade3 Image via Tifamade

Tiffany started her sandwich and cake delivery business in Paris last year but moved back home to the U.S. to be closer to family. I love her story. She turned her passions, riding her bicycle and feeding people, into a business. You can help Tiffany’s business grow by voting daily for her in Daily Candy’s Start Small, Go Big contest until September 14.

tifamade2 Image via Tifamade

Be sure to take some time and check out Tifamade.

You can also Follow her on Twitter and Like her on Facebook.


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