Sunday Shopping

Yesterday, Thalia spent the day with my mom. Since we had some gift cards to use, the hubby, Amara Jain, and I went to Ala Moana.

First we ate at Goma Tei.
IMG_7671 We got the ton ton ramen.
IMG_7672 Marcus had a beer.
IMG_7661 I went to Victoria’s Secret*while Marcus went to The Lego Store.
IMG_7776We bought some books for the girls from Book Off in Shirokiya.
IMG_7810 I picked up some cardamom pods from Williams-Sonoma.
IMG_7784 We had some gelato. Pistachio and Banana Heath Bar.
IMG_7674 Amara was stoked.
IMG_7680 Apparently she really likes gelato.
IMG_7688How was your weekend?

*Ladies, if you’ve never gotten fitted for a bra, please do so. You may be wearing the wrong size. 


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