Shopping With a List

I like making lists, as evident herehere and here. When I go grocery shopping, I almost always make a list to avoid buying unnecessary things and spending money we don’t have. But for some reason, whenever I go to Target, I seem to deviate from the list.

I can’t help it. I gravitate towards the items with the bright yellow “new low price” card. I have no willpower in that store. I get easily distracted not only by the things on sale but by all the pretty packaging.

This is what happens when I don’t stick to the list.
IMG_7972 I buy FOUR packages of cookies. All for future baking/dessert endeavors.
IMG_7978 I buy FOUR packages of Ghiradelli chocolate chips also for baking/desserts.
IMG_7993 I stock up on canned sauces. They’re A LOT cheaper than the name brand stuff. I often make big batches of marinara and freeze them.
IMG_7998 A snack for the football game. Go Warriors!
IMG_8026 I didn’t buy this at Target.

The hubby thought this would be funny to do to Hello Kitty.

Not sure my 2-year-old was amused.

Do you use and stick to a list when you go shopping?


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