Kitchen Renovation: Part 1

Our kitchen FINALLY got demolished this past Friday. Woo hoo! I was totally stoked about starting the renovation but sad that I wouldn’t really get to bake or cook for about a week. Ever since our kitchen has been out of commission, my mind keeps racing with different ideas for recipes I want to try. I already have five desserts lined up to test once it is back in full working order.

Here are some pictures of the progress thus far.


IMG_7937 IMG_7938 IMG_7941 IMG_7943 IMG_7950 DURING
IMG_7952 IMG_7953 IMG_7956 IMG_7957 IMG_7958 AFTER
IMG_8033 IMG_8034 IMG_8035 IMG_8036 IMG_8037 IMG_8039 IMG_8042 IMG_8043 IMG_8044 The cabinet doors will be installed tomorrow and the countertops on Friday.

I. Can’t. Wait.


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