A Strawberry

Yesterday was a lazy kind of Sunday. We mostly lounged around and watched football. In the middle of watching the Cowboys and Jets game, our 2-year-old asked if she could have this.


When we asked where she found it she said, “I found strawberry.”

I replied with,” Yes. I know you found a strawberry. But where did you find it?”

“I found strawberry,” she said again.

“But where did you get it from?” I asked.

“I found strawberry,” she repeated with a huge smile across her face, hoping I would let her have it.

“Yes. You did find a strawberry but where did you find it?” I asked again.

“I found strawberry.”


I finally gave up trying to find out where she found the strawberry jelly thing. Since I had no idea how old it was or where she got it from, I decided to give her some frosted animal crackers instead. Because those are way healthier.

How was your weekend? 


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