Visit from a High School Friend

My friend Jeanette and her family came for a visit Thursday night.


 This is Emma. Isn’t she adorable?


 I hadn’t seen Jeanette in a while. It was nice to be able to catch up.


 We met our freshman year of high school. We were in band together.


We played flute. NO. We did NOT go to band camp.


Do you guys have friends that just totally get you?


Jeanette is definitely one of those types of friends.


We can talk about anything.


From Friends to getting an epidural to our celebrity crushes.


 I’ve gone to her many a time when I was totally falling apart.


She’s always understanding.


 I hope you guys all have a Jeanette in your life. She’s awesome.


2 thoughts on “Visit from a High School Friend

  1. You’re so SWEET. Well, everyone should have an Arbine in their life! And if they can have 2 Arbines that’s even BETTER! An Arbine is optimistic (the glass is ALWAYS half-full), fun-loving, super cool music chicks, doesn’t get over-heated about the small stuff (sometimes she thinks she does, but she’s actually super chill even when she’s mad) and not just a SUPER-AMAZING-FUNNY-SMART-TALENTED-YOU CAN COUNT ON 100 PERCENT FRIEND…but she’s even a 1,000 PERCENT (yes, 1,000%) better mom. What could be better?

    Here’s a cheers for all the friends that you love no matter the time, distance and hectic-ness of life. The ones that are your sisters for a lifetime! 🙂

    Love, Jen

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