Laundry Day

Yesterday was laundry day.

Now, I don’t mind doing 90% of laundry duties. I’m okay with having to separate the clothes into different piles. I have no problem with the actual washing and drying of the laundry. Especially since our washer and dryer are really pretty. Yes, I just said that.

The one thing about laundry day that I loathe is folding and putting away the clothes. I know what you’re thinking. This girl is off her rocker. But I can’t help it. I’d rather do the dishes than fold and put away laundry.

Why do I have so much dislike for that task? I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps if I had a laundry room like either of the following I’d change my tune.

Image via 4.bp.blogspot

Image via Light Innovations

Pretty, right? Pretty things make me happy.  Pretty things and sweets. Oooh and fried foods. And my husband in an A-shirt, jeans, and aviator glasses. TMI? Yeah, maybe just a little.

What chore do you despise?


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