Ab Fab Friday: Stationery

Even though it’s been quite a while since I’ve handwritten a letter or note card, I am still enamored with stationery. Maybe I’ll buy myself some cute stationery for Christmas. Or maybe I’ll get it as a gift. *Not-so-subtle hint.* Either way, once I get some, I will totally start sending out handwritten correspondence. And I may even write in cursive.

  1. Mini Note Cards with Banksy Balloon £6.00 via Etsy
  2. Kate Spade All Typed Up Foldover Cards $10.00 via Papyrus
  3. Personalized Note Cards Stationery Set Eiffel Tower $13.00 via Etsy
  4. Union Jack Note Cards and Envelopes $13.00 via On Paper
  5. Eat All the Goodies $5.00 via Mercier Beaucoup
  6. Wedding Invitations Color Bazaar $7.00 via Printablegirl

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