My Blog Post in a Magazine

This may seem very insignificant to some but I thought it was pretty cool.

The other day I got my copy of Audrey in the mail.

When I was flipping through it I saw this.

They printed the blog post I wrote about them in their magazine!

I may be the only one who would get excited about something like that but that’s okay.

Here are some other seemingly little things that I get excited about:

  1. When the Costco coupon book arrives.
  2. When there’s a sale on stuff I need for baking.
  3. When my 2-year-old uses (non-profane) words I had no idea she knew.

Yeah, I’m weird. Get over it.

Be sure to pick up the Fall 2011 issue of Audrey. Jenna Ushkowitz (Glee), Tim Kang (The Mentalist), Jake Shimabukuro, and Zee Avi are some of the people featured in it.


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