Wedding Expo

Last night I went to the Wedding Expo with my sister*, her fiancée, my mom, cousin, and my sister’s BFF. This is the only picture I took last night since picture-taking was not allowed inside.

I have to say, I was very underwhelmed with the vendors there. Maybe it was because I’m not the one getting married. Or maybe I was just expecting more out of the booths. Although most things I saw were ho-hum, there were some vendors that I liked. Mostly because of their personable nature.

Celebrity Tuxedos

The guy helping my sister at the Celebrity Tuxedos booth was super nice and very friendly. He was even cracking jokes with us. I think she may end up getting the tuxedos from them.

 GP Hawaiian Food Catering 

Super nice people. And their squid luau…OMG. You’ve got to try it.

Choco le’a 

I saw chocolate so I had to stop at this booth. The owner, Colins Kawai, is extremely nice. The website doesn’t work but if you want to get information about his chocolates or want to do chocolate tastings, you can email him at He told me he was going to Europe soon to try out different chocolates. Totally cool. I told him that I love to bake and I would want to go to Europe to try the different pastries and baked goods there. For research, of course.

The Modern Honolulu 

I wasn’t super impressed with this booth but they were giving out macarons. Not macaroons. The black one was sesame flavored and the white one was ginger flavored.

*My sister is still looking for a photographer and a place that makes wedding cakes and mini cupcakes to go with them. If you know of anyone who you’ve had good experiences with and is available for March 10, 2012 let me know. Thanks!

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