Birthday Gifts for My Husband

Today is my husband’s birthday. He turns 31. Since I am sans a paying job, I baked him a cheesecake. I’m kind of sad that I wasn’t able to buy him a non-food gift because I absolutely LOVE to buy gifts for people. Sure receiving gifts is awesome but I enjoy giving them even more. If I could, I would totally do giveaways on this blog.

Here are some things I might buy for him if I had some disposable income.

1. Adidas Campus 80’s Wampa Shoes

 Image via The Awesomer

2. Airfare, Lodging and VIP Passes to San Diego Comic Con

 Image via Comic Con

3. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

 Image via Amazon

4. XBOX Kinect

 Image via Amazon

5. Doctor Who Bow Tie and Jacket

 Image via Fashionably Geek

 Image via Fashionably Geek 

Since I don’t even have non-disposable income, gifts like these will have to wait a while. A very long while. He’ll be getting food gifts for at least two more years.

What do you like better: receiving gifts or giving gifts?


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