The Adventures of Moms Founder Guest Post

I’m pleased to have one of my BFFs, Jeanette, write a guest post. She is the founder of the awesome new motherhood blog, The Adventures of Moms

You can not truly prepare for motherhood.

I know, I know! You really tried to properly prepare, you read all the books, you took those classes offered by the hospital and joined a mommy-to-be group. While it’s awesome that you did all of that, what I’ve learned in the last 10 months of new-mom-hood is that there is no way to prepare for everything that encompasses parenting because every child is different and there are a million other things that go on that’s not in the books, not in the class, and not shared by other moms.

But what you can do is enjoy the ride and share that journey with other mommies and mommies-to-be.

Welcome to The Adventures of Moms.

We’re a collection of moms with stories to share and we’d LOVE to hear your stories too. If you’re looking for perfect moms, you won’t find them here. But what you will find are mommies that do our best and love the amazing gift that is to be a mom. Join the discussion at The Adventures of Moms.

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