Mission Houses Museum Tea Parlor

Dear Rain (Not Rain or Rainn),

Thank you for not releasing your cats and dogs this past Saturday. My family and I had a lovely time enjoying high tea together. Feel free to make it pour when I am at home in my pajamas watching Love Actually and eating Nutella out of the jar. 



This past Saturday we went to the Mission Houses Museum Tea Parlor.

We brought all the kiddies.

My nephew apparently doesn’t like paparazzi.

Who is that handsome guy? Oh right. That’s my husband.

They had a lot of teas to choose from.

We got Aromatic Chai, Organic Earl Grey, and Tropical Organic.

Thalia and Kailah got to use super adorable kid sized tea cups.

Yummy finger sandwiches.

My favorite thing on the sweets platter were the scones.

LOVED the lemon curd.

I thought this was cute.

If you have a chance, definitely check this place out. The staff is extremely nice and accommodating. Really great customer service. A relaxing atmosphere. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.


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