Tuesday Tidbits

1. I got my flu shot. I hate needles.

2. When Thalia saw my band-aid from the shot, she asked if I was okay. She was sincerely concerned.

3. We got some lau lau from Haili’s Hawaiian Food. It was alright. I prefer Highway Inn.

4. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please stop by The Adventures of Moms. One of my BFFs started a really cool motherhood blog.

5. My youngest is teething. Not fun.

6. Some of my friends are going to on a two-week trip to Japan next summer. I totally want to go but don’t think we’ll have the money for it. And I’m not sure if we’d be able to find someone to watch the girls for that long. But if you know of anyone who’d like to sponsor my airfare, let me know.

7. I.Can’t.Wait.

Have a brilliant week!


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