Tuesday Tidbits

1. Whoever made this is definitely a kindred spirit.

2. Woo hoo! I made it to the playoffs for my fantasy football league! The only junk thing about it is I have to play my hubby in the first round. Oh well. On the bright side, one of us is guaranteed to make it to the finals.

3. Was anyone else super disappointed with the latest outcome of The Amazing Race?

4. I desperately want the awesome ladies of Blogshop to host a workshop in Honolulu. That would just be incredimazeballs. If you want them to come here too, send them an email and don’t forget to put Honolulu in the subject line.

5. My 2-year-old got to ride the Christmas train at Windward Mall with her Aunty Vicky. I don’t know who was more stoked, my daughter or her Aunty Vicky.

6. I thought this was pretty funny.

7. Oh and I really want this rug for my living room.

8. My 1-year-old just learned how to give a high-five. She thinks it’s the coolest thing EVER.

9. When most girls hear the words blue box they think of this. I think of this.

10. Want to win a trip to Paris? I know I do. Contest ends February 28, 2012.

11. Totally added this song to my workout playlist. I heart Kelly Clarkson.

Have a brilliant week!


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