Tuesday Tidbits

1. On Saturday the hubby and I got to go out sans kids. We met some friends at D&B for some food and drinks. My hubby’s drink: A black and tan. My drink: A chocolate milkshake.

2. After D&B we watched Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Some things about the movie:

  • It reaffirmed my liking of Simon Pegg.
  • Even if you don’t agree with Tom Cruise’s beliefs, he’s still a hell of an actor.
  • Oh, and hanging off that building in Dubai? Craaaazy.
  • It always helps to have a pretty lady on your team.

3. Some cool Doctor Who fan art and awesome nerdy nail polish.

4. Have you seen the first Absolutely Fabulous 20th Anniversary Special? Genius. Jennifer Saunders is an amazing writer. The second special airs February 12 on BBC America.

5. On Sunday we went to the Mililani Farmers Market. I love going there. Unfortunately, our favorite vendor (the one that sells pastele stew) wasn’t there.

6. Even though I’m at a normal, healthy weight for my age and height, whenever a family member says to me, “Have you gained weight?” it always makes me want to lock myself in my room, curl up into a ball, and be all moody and depressed. I know. I have issues.

7. A Community Board Game!

8. Check out King of the Nerds, Chris Hardwick, on The Indoor Kids podcast. Good stuff.

9. I don’t ever wear stockings but these are pretty cool.

10. Ben Folds. Love him.

Have a brilliant week!

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