Happy 3rd Birthday Thalia Grace!

First you were all like, “This being born thing is pretty cool.”

Then you were like, “Hey, this book is pretty comfortable.”


Later you were all, “Hells yes. I gots me some candy.”


You also thought, “My daddy is a funny guy. Mommy might not think so, but he is HILARIOUS.”


Then you were all, “Awww man. You mean I have to share my toys and stuff? This sucks.”


Later you realized, “Hey, it’s not so bad having a sister. Now I have someone to blame stuff on.”

Now you’re all like, “Yeah. I pretty much rule this joint.”

Happy 3rd Birthday Thalia Grace!

I love you with all my heart.

And if I were a Time Lord, I would love you with both of my hearts.





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