Tuesday Tidbits

1. Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re anti-Valentine’s Day, Happy Tuesday!

2. My newest blog crush: The Bedlam of Beefy. Uncle Beefy curates some of the most gorgeous things and is always very witty. I want to be friends with him.

3. This post actually made me cry. Can any other SAHMs relate?

4. I need to get some new ballet flats. Maybe something like this or this.

5. Thalia thought it would be funny to do this to her sister.

6. Isn’t this bookstore absolutely stunning? I want to go to there.

7. Have you seen Kevin Smith’s new TV show, Comic Book Men? I know practically nothing about comics but I actually kinda like it.

8. Awesome blogger/photographer/writer/stylist Matt Armendariz takes RGBs. I take DTBs.

9. I recently discovered CreativeMornings. The first lecture I watched was given by Kate Bingaman Burt. Ah-mazing. Love her.

10. Marvin E. Quasniki would like to send you some Valentine’s Day love. Oh and you’ll win a million dollars, an iPad, and a car.

Have a brilliant week!


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