Tuesday Tidbits

1. Today is Mardi Gras a.k.a. Malasada Day! How are you celebrating?

2. Are any of you watching The Voice? I was seriously disappointed with last night’s bunch. None of them really blew me away.

3. In two weeks my older sis and her family will be here. I. Can’t. Wait.

4. I know I’ve said this before but preschool tuition is crazy expensive! If we somehow get Thalia accepted to one, I sincerely hope we are able to get some financial aid.

5. In my latest post for The Adventures of Moms I write about my hubby, a.k.a. Super Dad.

6. Speaking of my hubby, he made some lau lau in the crock pot last night. It was pretty good. Just a bit salty.

7. Geeks vs. Hipsters: Which ones do you identify more with?

8. Love this shirt and these tights.

9. Check out this post on Oh Happy Day on fun things to do with your kids in Paris.

10. Chris Hardwick gives Wil Wheaton a Christmas present. And makes me crush on him even more.

Have a brilliant week!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. I totally laughed reading the Geeks vs. Hipsters. I would say I am neither but I tend to fall in the hipster category more by maybe 10%. I also fall into some of the geek category, too, so maybe I am a little of both.

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