Yakitori Glad

This past Saturday we met up with some friends for dinner (sans kids!) at a new-ish place in Kapahulu called Yakitori Glad.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It was Ah-mazing.


I know that I say that about lots of things but this was like amazing to the 10th power.

What kind of food do they have there? Well, about 90% of the food comes on sticks. Two sticks per plate. And everything costs $3.90. Even alcohol. I know.

The hubby and I got there about half an hour before our reservation. When he went to let the host know we were here, the host couldn’t find our reservation. Apparently there was some kind of miscommunication and they didn’t have our name on the list! But, no fear. Kevin, the most awesome host EVER, came to the rescue. He fit us in and was extremely nice.

The restaurant is pretty small. I believe it holds just under 50 people. But I thought that added to the charm of the place. You can even see the chefs cooking the food. It is super clean and I just felt really comfortable there. The staff was very attentive. Water glasses never went empty and our food came out at the perfect pace.

Now for the tasty tidbits. We decided to just order tons of different plates and share them.

Here’s what we got:

  1. Momo Glad-Yaki
  2. Tsukune cheese
  3. Momo Tare-mayo
  4. Mi-tare
  5. Tsukune-shio
  6. Gyu-kushi
  7. Momo spicy teri-yaki
  8. Momo curry shio-yaki
  9. Tori Karaage
  10. Fried Potato
  11. Tofu and Bacon Salad
  12. Tori-kamameshi
  13. Ahi poke with Korean pepper sauce

It was all delicious. Really. It was. And you know what one of my favorite things was? The fried potato, which were essentially French fries. I know. Good fries at a Japanese restaurant? Just trust me on this. When you go, you must get them. Super crispy and perfectly seasoned on the outside. Delicate and pillowy soft on the inside.

Here are some pictures from that night.

Some things about Yakitori Glad:

  1. There is FREE parking behind the restaurant.
  2. Calling ahead is recommended, especially if you’ll be going at peak dinner time, around 6:30-7pm.  For peak dinner time on Friday or Saturday night, call 2 days ahead.
  3. Try to limit your party to 5-6 people or less.
  4. Credit cards are accepted.
  5. When you go, if you see Kevin, the most awesome host EVER, there tell him Ann’s party of 5 says hi.
  6. You might end up in a food coma after eating all of the yummy food there.
  7. They get their chicken fresh everyday.
  8. They’ll stay open until they run out of food.

Yakitori Glad, we will be back. Oh, yes. We will be back.

Yakitori Glad
766 Kapahulu Ave. Honolulu Hawaii 96816
Ph: 808-734-0077
5:00pm-12:00am (Sunday-Thursday)
5:00pm-2:00am (Friday-Saturday)
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2 thoughts on “Yakitori Glad

  1. The poke looks sooo good. If I miss anything about Hawaii food, it would definitely be poke! $3.90 for almost most items? SCORE!

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