Tuesday Tidbits

1. Thalia really loves wearing her crown.

2. I know I professed my love for Yakitori Glad yesterday, but you guys really must go.

3. I found a video of my youngest and me right after I had given birth. Nothing super gross. Just me holding her while she wailed. My girls are growing up so fast.

4. Doctor Who season 7 teaser trailer. I. Can’t. Wait.

5. Do you love Audrey Magazine as much as I do? Here’s your chance to be part of their amazing team.

6. The hubs made mochiko chicken. It’s really, really good.

7. I don’t know why I haven’t checked out Jen Gotch Photography until now, but it’s absolutely fabulous.

8. You can buy some of her amazing prints here.

9. I’m on the hunt for some über comfortable flats to take with me when the hubby and I go on our European holiday. Where did you buy your favorites?

10. Can someone please get me this gorgeous Epiphanie bag? Kthnxbai.

11. How adorable is Dia Frampton in this video?

Have a brilliant week!

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