Rachann’s Baby Shower

One of my oldest friends (by years we’ve known each other, not by actual age) had a surprise baby shower this past Saturday.

We’ve known each other over 25 years.

Here’s her adorable daughter Dee Dee. She’s gonna be a future fashion designer.

I love Hello Panda!

Those Candy Bead cookies are pretty awesome too.

My mom and Rachann concentrating on one of the games we played.

Rachann’s sister Rananlyn and Rachann’s dad, my Uncle Ray with Dee Dee.

More of Rachann’s family: Rachann’s sister Ranelle, Ranalyn’s daughter Tezhra-Alana (being held by Ranelle), and Rachann’s mom, my Aunty Donnie, with Rachann and Dee Dee.

“Guess what’s in the diaper” game.

Thalia Grace loves taking pictures.

Mr. Tristan and me.

Every baby shower needs a dinosaur cake, no matter what the sex of the baby is.


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