Tuesday Tidbits

1. Blogshop. You all know that I desperately want to attend one of their workshops. Well, they made a cute video all about it.

2. I think I need one or two or five of these.

3. A couple of these would be nice.

4. I also need a bathtub full of these.

5. Okay so maybe not an actual bathtub. Probably just a container that’s the same size as a bathtub.

6. This is what happens when we FINALLY clean our room and have lots of boxes to recycle.

7. I fit ALL of the clothes and shoes I’m going to bring on our trip in a backpack. Yup. A backpack. And not one of those “backpacking” backpacks either. A regular JanSport backpack.

8. I’m gonna have my hubby carry all the toiletries.

9. Contemplating on making one of our first stops in Paris be an ice cream or gelato shop. Yay or nay?

10. My youngest is STILL sick. Big fat BOO. I really, really hope I don’t get sick on our trip. That would suck to the 100th power.

11. The smooth sounds of Daybreak.

Have a brilliant week!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. gelato followed by ice cream followed by chocolate! its paris, why not? buy your toiletries in Paris/London. Its going to be in the 50s/60s so layer layer layer. and you need another bag for souvenirs. 🙂

    • Gelato, ice cream, AND chocolate on the first day. Got it. I’ve got a retro looking trench style coat that I’m gonna bring. We have an extra duffel that we’re gonna bring to fit souvenirs and all the clothes I’m gonna buy from H&M. 🙂

  2. I was super sick for the first few days of our honeymoon, which, incidentally was in HAWAII! It definitely sucked. But I found as soon as I got on the plane I was a lot better (adrenaline!)

    • I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t actually get sick. Buuuut, I think just the fact that I’m going to be going to two of my favorite cities in the world, adrenaline might just overtake any inkling of sickness. Hope you’re having a fabulous week! 🙂

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