Eurotrip 2012: Paris

Hi friends.

Whenever* you decide to head to La Ville-Lumière or The City of Light, be sure to take two types of pictures.

Take pictures of the touristy stuff.

And take pictures of the stuff that may not be in any guidebook but that YOU find awesome.

Don’t be afraid to explore different parts of the city. Take the metro. Try different foods. Attempt to speak a little French, even if it’s just good morning or thank you. If you embrace the city of Paris, it will embrace you right back.

You can check out more pictures of our Eurotrip here or on my hubby’s blog.

*I don’t want to say ‘if’ you decide to go to Paris. It should always be ‘when’ because I think everyone should visit Paris at least once in their lifetime. Paris, Je t’aime. 


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