Tuesday Tidbits

1. So we saw The Avengers. I have to say, even though I’m not really a comic book fan, it was quite enjoyable.

2. The only bad thing about seeing The Avengers in Paris was that when the characters were speaking in Russian or Alien, the subtitles were in French so we had no idea what they were supposed to be saying.

3. Yesterday we had a picnic lunch at Jardin du Luxembourg. We had some cheese, bread, meats, quiche, dim sum, AND wine. Then I got some gelato for dessert.

4. Today we’re heading off to London. Actually by the time you all read this, we may already be there.

5. First thing we’re going to do in London (after getting settled): Try to find a T.A.R.D.I.S.

6. Did you really expect anything less?

7. Then later, we’ll visit The Sherlock Holmes Museum.

8. London, baby!

Have a brilliant week!

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