Tuesday Tidbits

1. I absolutely love to travel. But one thing I don’t love about traveling is jet lag.

2. I bought two jars of Speculoos from Monoprix when we were in Paris. I’m thinking of making some ice cream or frosting with it.

3. On our last evening in London my hubby and I went to The George Inn. It was pretty cool. I would say that it was 95% filled with locals who were enjoying after work drinks. I would definitely recommend checking out this pub whenever you go to London. And don’t forget to try the bangers and mash.

4. While we were in Europe I think I ate like four ice cream cones and seven macarons. For research, of course.

5. I did manage to walk about two miles every day, so that helped to balance out all the gluttony.

6. Another place in London that I think you should try is Mooli’s. Great Indian street food and it’s pretty affordable. I got a mini pork mooli. It was sweet, spicy, and oh-so-delicious. If you’re not into meat, there are also lots of vegetarian options.

7. Even though I had a great time on our trip, I missed our girls like crazy. I think we’ll just have to bring them on all of our future travels. Perhaps New Zealand (with a stop in Hobbiton)? Or maybe Vancouver? Seoul? Spain, Portugal, and Morocco? Cardiff? Anyone want to pay me to travel to these places?

8. Hearing Everclear always reminds me of my freshman year of college.

Have a brilliant week!


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