Tuesday Tidbits

1. On Saturday my hubby and I met with a financial planner. Later we’ll be working on our wills. Yikes.

2. Before our meeting we had lunch at Whole Ox Deli. OMG. Soooo good.

3. Since we had some time between lunch and our meeting we took the girls to Kaka`ako Waterfront Park.

They wanted to play hide and seek.

4. We’re considering getting rid of cable and making the switch to watching TV shows via sites like Hulu. Do you go without cable? Any suggestions for sites to watch TV shows besides Netflix?

5. Did any of you guys go to the Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show? If you did, I am totally jealous.

6. The Nerdist is returning to TV! Here’s a list of the upcoming specials.

The Nerdist: Comic-Con July 28th  at 9 pm ET/PT
The Nerdist: Tribute to Toys and Games July 28th at 10 pm ET/PT
The Nerdist: Tribute to Science on August 4th at 10 pm ET/PT
The Nerdist: Tribute to Nerd Girls on August 11th at 10 pm ET/PT
The Nerdist: Tribute to Time Travel August 18th at 10 pm ET/PT

7. So on Sunday I finally roasted a chicken. I was always afraid to roast a whole chicken, thinking that it would either be really dry or not cooked enough. But this recipe is super easy and my chicken came out perfectly.

8. I put some sliced potatoes, onions, and whole garlic pieces beneath the bird. They soaked up all the delicious chicken fat.

9. One of my BFFs started TWO Etsy shops. Nove Store has unique handmade jewelry and The Party Perfect Princess has adorable accessories for princesses of all ages. Be sure to check it out!

10. Catchy hair band song? Check.

Have a brilliant week!


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