Tuesday Tidbits

1. Last Friday we hung out with one of our buddies from college.

2. I love catching up with him. I also love that he always brings us some chocolate whenever he visits.

3. The Nerdist live podcast at Comic-con sounded like it was freakin’ awesome. Here’s a totally NSFW video from it.

4. I DVR’d G4‘s coverage of Comic-con. Yeah. That’s right. Wearing my nerd/geek heart on my sleeve.

5. Thalia has started carrying a doctor bag around and giving her dolls check-ups. We’re gonna have to save A LOT of money if she wants to go to medical school.

6. Amara: Our own little cookie monster.

7. If you’re a Whovian and haven’t seen it yet, be sure to watch the Doctor Who Q&A in Nerd HQ at Comic-con. Like, now.

8. How cute are Chris Hardwick (as the 10th Doctor) and John Barrowman?

9. WANT this Captain America dress!

10. I admit it. I used to like BB Mak.

Have a brilliant week!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. omg, that BB Mak song brings back so many memories from high school.

    Kevin said you made mint chip homemade ice cream and thought it was really remarkable how anyone can make ice cream at home. I don’t know if Kevin told you this but I am wanting to come back so I can play with your daughters again! I had a lot of fun last time with Thalia 🙂

    • I know. Totally love that BB Mak song. Whenever you guys come back to Hawaii, I’m sure that Thalia and Amara would love to play with you. 🙂

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