Tuesday Tidbits

1. This past Saturday my hubby and I watched The Dark Knight Rises. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. If you can, try to watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight before hand.

2. I know where my nose is!

3. We’ve officially started following a budget that my husband devised. The weekly grocery budget for our family of four is $30.00. Not much but we’ll make it work.

4. How cool are these invitations?

5. Are you all ready for Sat-NERD-day? This Saturday BBC America will be airing a Doctor Who marathon followed by TWO NEW episodes of The Nerdist.

6. This means I will be doing nothing on Saturday except sit in front of the television. ALL DAY LONG. Of course there will be bathroom and food breaks, but not much else.

7. Totally want these tights.

8. My birthday is on Sunday. Still not sure what we’re going to do yet. Maybe just hang out at home. Perhaps we’ll bake a cake.

9. I absolutely love this website. Gorgeous pictures.

10. I haven’t listened to Belle & Sebastian in such a long time.

Have a brilliant week!


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