Yelp Helps 2012

This past Saturday my hubby and I attended the Yelp Helps Everyday Superheroes Party. Since I had my shiny, new Yelp Elite badge, we got to go in an hour early. That was really cool. Especially since it got super crowded after 7pm.

Emi Hart (the Yelp Hawaii Community Manager) and her team did an amazing job putting together this awesome event. It was great to see so many people come together to learn more about all the great non-profits on Oahu. Of course, the free eats, drinks, and sweets didn’t hurt.

There were also massage booths, booths that were doing eyebrow threading, and RAW artists did live paintings. Live music was played inside the main warehouse as well as outside. There weren’t a ton of people dressed up in super hero garb but some donned capes and masks.

As a way to encourage people to visit the non-profit booths, everyone was given a sticker card. If you visited a non-profit booth, they gave you a sticker. Once your sticker card was filled, you could drop it off at the Alaska Airlines booth for a chance to win tickets to anywhere Alaska Airlines flies (from Hawaii). Pretty cool, right?

Overall, it was a great event. We even signed up to volunteer at the HOT Opera Ball. If Yelp decides to put this event on next year, my husband and I will most definitely be attending.

Yelp Hawaii, you rock.


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