Tuesday Tidbits

1. My youngest turns 2 today. Time really does fly, doesn’t it?

2. Another trip to the park.

3. We had our Fantasy Football live draft on Sunday. I think I got some decent picks.

4. However, I wasn’t paying attention when everyone was picking up quarterbacks. My starting QB: RGIII. I’m hoping he does well. With rookies you just never know.

5. Do you play fantasy football? Who have you drafted or who are you looking to draft?

6. The Colts won their preseason game against the Rams. Woohoo! I hope Luck can keep it up.

7. My hubby started growing veggies and herbs. From left to right: bell pepper, butter lettuce, and cilantro.

8. If you didn’t already know, the noodles from Mililani Restaurant are really good.

9. A piggie pillow!

10. Did you see the Spice Girls perform for the Olympics Closing Ceremony? Love them. I totally want the dress Posh Spice was wearing.

Have a brilliant week!

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